Summer Camps

2014 Summer Music Camps & Group Programs


Our Summer Music Camps are fun and educational. We offer half day camps throughout the summer. Our two camps that we offer throughout the summer are Intro to Music Camp (Different themed camps),  Childrens Voice Camp and Drum Camp. All of our camps are run by our own professional music teachers. They are qualified and highly trained instructors. Camps run from 9AM – 11AM, Monday through Thursday.

To Register – Please call 724-625-6676 or email
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Ages 3-13yrs old (needs to be potty trained)

These Mini Intro Music Summer Camp has something for everyone.  The camp is offered throughout the summer and it is your most flexible camp that you will come by.    You pick your schedule based on what you want your child to learn!   Read the schedule below.    Your fee is just what you come to.    Each camp session is only 2 days.   Each day is 2 hours.  Each 2 day camp is 55.00.    You get 10% off if you do more than 1 two-day camp.      The camp is created for all students who love music, who love to sing, and be creative!    We have different themes for all interests.    Look at the schedule and pick your day!   Kids will have exposure and hands on experience during our camps.    They will learn with highly qualified and fun instructors.    We keep our camp limited to a small number to give one on one attention.   

All Camps have different age ranges.    If there is an age range, all kids in that camp will be grouped with similar ages and levels.



Age 7-14

If your child loves to play around on the piano ,or sing their own music, this is a great class for them.    They will learn the techniques of how to compose their own music onto real staff paper so they can play their music for friends and family.   At the end of this camp, they will have a finished composition that they will be able to play for you at home.

VOICE AND MORE – with songs from FROZEN

Age 4-6

Your child will sing sing sing!   Theme for this age group will be Disney and princess songs.    They will learn how to sing on pitch and learn how to sing together.    Great for your little pre schooler  - kindergartner who sings all day long! They will learn a lot of songs for you to sing at home together.


Age 3-6

Your child will love this class if they love music.    They will use real rhythm sticks, rhythm shakers, and different rhythm instruments to create music.


Age 5- 11

Kids will make musical instruments in this camp!  Some of the projects will use daily household items and they will use their imaginations to come up with different instruments.


Age 5 – 13

Kids love these camps!!!   Each of the following camps are camps focused on a particular instrument.    This is a great introduction to that particular instrument.    They will learn fundamentals of each instrument.   Beginning note reading and simple songs on that instrument.


Age 5-13

No experience necessary.    Come and enjoy everything you need to know about playing the guitar!!!   You will even go home after the two days learning a brand new song!


Age 5- 13

No experience Necessary.    Your child will get hands on experience with the drums.    They will develop brand new rhythms in class and work as groups to learn all about the drums!!!   Great class as an intro to Drums for those who want to get a taste of it.


Age 4 -13

No Experience Necessary.    No instrument needed.    We will go over basics on a violin.   Proper way to care for and hold the instrument.    Your child will even learn a brand new song to show off to their friends and family!


Age 3- 13

No Experience Necessary.    No instrument needed.    We will go over basics on a piano. They will learn the notes on a piano.  Your child will even learn a brand new song to show off to their friends and family!




If you decide you want to do 2 sessions of the same camp.   That is completely fine.   Your child will learn something completely different on each camp session and progress to the next level on each of the same camps.    It is customized to each individual child which is the really great part!!! 



June 16th, 17th – 9-11AM , 11 – 1PM

June 18th, 19th – 9-11AM , 11 – 1PM

June 30th, July 1st – 9-11AM , 11 – 1PM

July 21st, July 22nd – 9-11AM, 11 – 1PM

July 23rd, 24th – 9-11AM, 11 – 1PM

You choose your camp and we will place your child in the correct age group within that camp!

Each camp is 2 days (2 hours each day).

Price – 55.00 per camp (2 day session).

2nd child or 2nd camp – 10% off.

Childrens Voice Camp – 1 week long

Ages 8 – 13 yrs old – BROADWAY & POP MUSIC

Childrens Voice Camp is for beginners and intermediate students who love to sing. If your child is singing around the house, or has any interest in learning how to sing, this is the perfect camp for them. We teach them how to keep rhythm, how to keep pitch and sing in a group. They will learn a few songs by the end of the camp that they will perform for you in a mini recital.

June 23 – 26th – Monday – Thursday – 9-11AM

4-7 yrs old – All About Fairies, Mermaids and Princesses

This voice class will focus on group voice performances.    Staying together, staying in tune and correct pitch is our goal in this class.   We will make the class fun by using songs from popular movies on princesses, fairies and mermaids, like Frozen, Little Mermaid.  Girls and boys a like will love the class asking for more.

July 21st – 24th (Monday – Thursday) – 9-11AM 

8-13 yrs old – Broadway and Pop Music

This voice class will step it up a little.   In this class, campers will learn proper breathing techniques and proper training on how to use their voice to bring it out to their full potential.    In addition, children will learn to sing as a group, along with singing as an individual.    We will compliment this class by using popular broadway music and pop music appropriate for this age.

**After both camps, there will be a mini recital that will display what the campers learned.


Age 4-7 yrs old – any camp session – 170.00
Age 8 – 13 yrs old – any camp session – 190.00

*siblings will get 10% off ; Batavia Students will get 20% off along with their siblings



DRUM CAMP – 1 week long

Ages 7-13yrs old

This is a fun and energetic camp that uses all sorts of hand drums, hand bells and different rhythm instruments.    We have so much fun making different music together, including an amazing drum circle that your child will love!  We will be doing different rhythms and songs everyday and teaching them how to play together as a group.    We will also touch on note reading and note values.

Parents will enjoy a mini performance at the end of the camp.    Bring your video cameras.

They will meet new friends and love this camp. Your child will not want to leave and will be so excited to come back for more!
Location: Batavia Studios, Heritage Prof. Bldg. Suite 101
7031 Crider Road. Mars, PA 16046(Off Rt. 228 , next to the Johnston House and Springfield Grille.)

Phone: 724-625-6676 Email:
Price (Price is per student)
One camp session $265.00

**All Prices includes all materials, tuition, and entire session fee. **Siblings get 10% off.
SPECIAL***if you refer a friend, you and your friend also get 10% off if you mention this coupon.

SCHEDULE  (Monday – Thursday)

June 16th – 19th – 9AM – 11AM – 7 spots left

July 14th – 17th – 9AM – 11AM – 6 spots left